Council meeting Location
Mission of Guadalupe Hall
417 15th Ave Yuma, AZ

Council 9378 Donations to IC School and Younth Activity

Fr Nicademus farewell with Knights, family and friends

Council 9378 LeRoy Zacher Scholarship Program

The 2018-2019 Scholarship application is in the mail. Application letter instruction and form are also available here online to download. You can download the application information, print out and complete the forms and turn in to the Financial Secretary as indicated.

K of C Council 9378 Scholarship Letter

Rules and Guidelines

Scholarship Application

2018 Tomb of the Unborn Clean up and Rosary

To a few outstanding Knights "and women" Thanks to Matt, Glenn, Sam
and their families for sprucing up the Tomb of the Unborn this year

2018 K of C Council 9378 Yuma County Fair Fundraiser

Wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your help at the KoC 9378 fair booth this year. We were able to raise our normal amount of funds to help the KoC 9378 charitable organizations. Without your help, none of this would have been possible.

Thanks to Matt Young for chairing this event. Thanks to the other members for helping to fix up the booth and prepare for the fair.

Special thanks to all of the Knights family members that came out to support. We had great support from spouses, kids, and relatives and soon to be members and their families.

K of C 9378

Council 9378 Star Council Award for 2017.

Council 9378 Coats for Kids 2017

Coats for Kids donation to San Pasqual Valley Family Center.

K of C Immaculate Conception Mass.

2017 - 2018 Scholarship Awards and Donations.

Thanks to a few good Knights specifically Matt Young who covered every mass
to sell the AZ State raffle tickets, the council raised sufficient scholarship funds
to facilitate scholarship awards to the above mention students and program.

Council 9378
2017 Youth Activities Donations

Council 9378
STAR COUNCIL 2015 - 2016

2017 Silver Spur Parades

Knights of Columbus Assembly -20
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2017 Click Play Button to Start Video

2017 Click Play Button to Start Video

Council 9378 Coats for Kids

Coats for Kids donation to Crossroads Mission.

Yuma AZ Knights of Columbus Celebrate Immaculate Conception 150th Anniversary Mass.
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Council 9378 2016-2017 Installation of Officers
with family and friends
Top off with delicious "Matt Young" spaghetti diner

Council 9378 2015-2016 Arizona State Council Awards
William Bill Packham - Grand Knight of the year
Council 9378 - Arizona Star Recruter Council Award

Council donation to Fr Nathaniel to help with trip home to Nigeria
and our newest Knight Fr. Nicodemus

Ordination to the Priesthood
Decon Edson Wilbert Elizarraras
Knights of Columbus Assembly 20 participation

bill packham

Council 9378 $200.00 donation to ARCCOIRIS-English
in support of one on many youth ministries at I. C. Parish
June 2016

bill packham

Council 9378 donation to St Joseph Parish
in Wellton in support of parking lot project

Council 9378 May Social Event Bowling at INCA Lanes

bill packham

Council 9378 GK Bill Packham Arizona State Council Grand Knight of the year

Tomb of the Unborn Memorial
Council 9378 members cleaning up, painting, replaced solar lights, and more...
Thank you Matt Young, Sam Harrison, , Manuel Garcia, Eddie Garcia and Son Ray,
Bill Packham, and Jos Bell

Each summer the religious congregation of Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity hosts a Franciscan Camp for young women from sixth grade through college age for a time to get-to-know the Sisters and learn more about Franciscan Sisters.

On the request and recommendation of Sister Elizabeth, Council 9378 donated $450.00 to cover air fare and meals for Isabel Herrera of Immaculate Conception School to attending the camp for the second year this summer in Milwaukee.


Deputy Grand Knight Sam Harrison and PGK Cyril Atherton presented check to Isabel and family.

2016 Yuma County Fair
K of C Council 9378 Food Booth

Hello brothers!
We had a great fair this year! Outstanding job. Thanks for all who helped! We had a record day on Saturday.
Highest grossing sales for our booth in the history of the Knights of Columbus working the fair.
Thank you Matt for chairing the fair. Thanks to Sam and Matt for helping to get the
booth prepared months in advance. Thanks for the hard working day crew led by
Cyril and Jos. Great job day crew team - Manny and family, Ray, Ed, Ed Jr and Henrietta.
Great job afternoon, evening team - Matt, Bill, Mike F, Chris, Glenn, Jim,
Margaretta, Cyril Jr and family. Thanks for the utility clubs (worked where needed)
Sam, Kenny, Mark, Steve, Mike A, Jacob, Tony. Thanks to the youth group helpers as well
Sofia, Diego, Eric, Eric's friend (lol)..
Apologies for any name we failed to menioned.

Free Throw 2016 shield shield




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From Fatima_Alam Merwin

Canon Formigao's mausoleum vidreo

Sent to us by Alan Merwin
living in Fatima


Father McGivney's vision is our mission:
The Knights of Columbus was established in 1882 to provide a means by which Catholic men could support the Catholic Church, provide financial protection to protect their families, and engage in works of charity to benefit the less fortunate.

The Knights was formed to render financial aid to members and their families. Mutual aid and assistance are offered to sick, disabled and needy members and their families. Social and intellectual fellowship is promoted among members and their families through educational, charitable, religious, social welfare, war relief and public relief works.

Our Principles: Charity, Unity, Fraternity, Patriotism

La visión del Padre McGivney es nuestra misión:
Los caballeros de Colón fue fundada en 1882 para proporcionar un medio por cual católico hombres podría apoyar la iglesia católica, proporcionar protección financiera para proteger a sus familias y participar en obras de caridad en beneficio de los menos afortunados.

Los caballeros fue formada para prestar ayuda financiera a miembros y sus familias. Asistencia y ayuda mutua se ofrecen a los enfermos, discapacitados y necesitados y sus familias. Beca social e intelectual se promueve entre los miembros y sus familias a travé:s de bienestar educativo, caritativa, religiosa, social, guerra socorro y obras públicas de socorro.

Nuestros principios: Caridad, Unidad, Fraternidad, Patriotismo

Location Map: Click here for meeting location map

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Link to the KofC-Yuma facebook site. Courtesy of St. John Neumann Council-8305

Call for prayers: Pray for all Brother Knights and Families.

Please keep Monsignor O'keefe in our prayers.

Vivat Jesus!

GK Samuel "Sam" Harrison
Council 9378




Council Activities

Padre Francisco Garces Council 9378 is located behind Guadalupe Mission 417 South 15th Avenue Yuma, Arizona 85364. .

Council Meetings
Our meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday, 7:30 PM of every month.

The meeting location is in the hall directly behind Mission of Gaudalupe Church at 417 South 15th Ave. Yuma, AZ .

About Our Council

Padre Francisco Garces Council 9378 was founded July 24, 1986 through the efforts of the [See Charter...]. It is named after Padre Francisco Garces, who was [Read More...]. The Council works closely with the Immaculate Conception Catholic Parish and Mission of Guadalupe in Yuma, Arizona, providing funds for various projects, members being active participants in their parish and much more...


Grand Knight
Sammuel "Sam" Harrison
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